The Fast


The Fast

“The future belongs to the fast.”

                                                 Hewlett-Packard advertisement

The ad continues, “To help you accelerate, we have created a new company…. Tomorrow belongs to the fast.”

Now there’s nothing wrong with “fast” ‒ with limits and in moderation. So I’d like to add a few provisos to the HP advertisement:

– provided that there are also plenty of times of “slow” and “stopped” (I’d guess HP is not concerned with these times)

– provided that “fast” is not “fast and furious” (Good luck with that)

– provided that you are not distracted (Not likely)

– provided that you don’t become exhausted (Practically impossible)

– provided that you don’t become sick or disabled and then have all the time in the world ‒ in the hospital.

How ’bout “The future belongs to the well-paced.”

• • •

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Photo by Marc Sendra Martorell on Unsplash

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The Fast

by David Kundtz time to read: 5 min