November 16, 2016 – That Time of Year


That Time of Year

“Sharing the holidays with other people, and feeling that you’re giving of yourself, gets you past all the commercialism.”

                                                                                                 Caroline Kennedy (1957-   ) American author, ambassador, attorney

     The holidays are soon upon us―fraught as they often are with baggage from the past and unrealistic expectations.

     There is only one point I want to make about “The Holidays.” That is to make them intentional. I mean just don’t go into them blind, without intentionality. Otherwise you can easily be swept up into everyone else’s intentions, with often unhappy results.

     It can be as simple as Caroline Kennedy’s comment above. What is important, is that you “celebrate” the way you want, the way you like, the way that is meaningful for you and yours.

     “The Holidays” often have a will and an agenda of their own that is mighty difficult to change. A few suggestions:

     * Plan now. Sit down sometime this week and plan ahead, making guidelines for yourself and include those with whom you celebrate; especially this Thanksgiving, when political disagreements might easily erupt.

     * Prioritize. You really don’t have to do everything you’ve done in the past. You can turn down (some) invitations. You don’t have to bake (five different kinds of!) cookies.

     * Traditions really don’t have to last forever. For which one(s) is it time to let go?

     * For Some (and for all of us to some degree) the holidays are painful and lonely. Can you include them in your plans?

     * Holy Days is the origin of the term “holidays,” How can you make the your holidays “holy” ― whatever that means for you.

     * Quiet Time. As you are planning your holidays, be sure to build in a few times of rest and quiet. This is especially important for you if you think you can’t.

     * Meaning/Enjoyment. Remember the reasons for holidays: To note important events/values and to enjoy fun times with family and friends.

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November 16, 2016 – That Time of Year

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