Internet as Distraction


Internet as Distraction

“The Internet is designed to be an interruption system, a machine geared to dividing attention…. We willingly accept the loss of concentration and focus, the division of our attention and the fragmentation of our thoughts in return for … the information we receive.”

Nicholas Carr, quoted by Tony Schwartz, “Review” section; The New York Times;


Division of attention

Loss of concentration

Loss of focus

Fragmentation of thoughts …


… all graciously bestowed upon us by the Internet, in return for information and/or entertainment, as well as growing fraud and criminal activity.

It’s not all bad news of course; just think of the convenience, the systemic sophistication, efficiency, ease of use, enjoyment, and yes, speed it gives us ‒ and more.

The question for each of us: who (or what) is in control of my Internet use?

Stay with that multi-layered question during a few quiet times this week.

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Photo by Mitya Ivanov on Unsplash

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Internet as Distraction

by David Kundtz time to read: 5 min