August 31, 2016 – Frustration



“When too many Americans don’t vote or participate, some see apathy and despair. I see disappointment and even outrage. And I believe that out of this frustration can come hope and action.”

Paul Wellstone (1944-2002) Former U.S. Senator from Minnesota

     Worry, anxiety, frustration.

     They seem to be rampant, frequent, and troubling companions as we contemplate the on-going developments in the state of our country and world, especially the political craziness. The following won’t make them go away, but they might help us cope:

     * It’s time to take the long view: Things have been worse and we have survived.

     * It’s time to call to mind and connect with the many good, strong, intelligent, generous, loving people in the world. We’re by far not the only ones who know the same frustration.

     * It’s time to breathe deeply and turn our energy in to the foundations of our lives: faith, hope, and ideals.

      * It’s time to listen with an open mind, especially to those with whom we disagree.

     * It’s time to encourage and give support to one another and take action whenever we can.

     * It’s time to seek compromises when possible.

     * It’s time to “keep calm and carry on.”

     * It’s time especially to be fair and kind.

     * And: It’s time to spend quiet time regularly to make sure our own priorities are in the order we want them.

     What else would you add? _________________________




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August 31, 2016 – Frustration

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