August 17, 2016 – Playing Together


Playing Together

“You have to give 100 percent in the first half of the game.

If that isn’t enough, in the second half, you have to give what’s left.”

 Yogi Berra (1925-2015) New York Yankees catcher

    As the world watches the Olympic Games from Rio, I believe all kinds of feelings come to us viewers because the games are so completely human-person-centered.

     All the hype and controversies aside (and there are plenty), there is something very enjoyable, wonderful — often inspiring — in seeing young humans give their all (more than 100% like Yogi!) – mind, body, and spirit, to accomplish a feat, a goal, or to win a competition.

     At their best, the Games of the Olympics offer an opportunity to witness the peoples of the world come together in peace to play with each other, for the most part with good intentions.

     Whether we are causal observers from the sidelines or avid late-night addicts, let’s notice and enjoy this event of human emotion, energy, and spirit and carry an attitude of sportsmanship and all that is most noble of the Games into all the aspects of our lives.

     (And for some enjoyable quiet moments in the next few days, mute the TV sound, be still, and watch pure athleticism.)



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August 17, 2016 – Playing Together

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