Doing Nothing


“I have a very full and busy life and occasionally I am asked, “Scotty, how can you do all that you do?”…The most telling reply I can give is: “Because I spend at least two hours a day doing nothing.”
—M. Scott Peck (1936-2005; psychiatrist, best-selling 20th
century author – The Road Less Travelled)

It seems to be one of the most difficult things to convince ourselves of: Doing Nothing is efficient, productive, life-giving, not a waste of time, and can be immensely enjoyable.

“But I don’t really have time to do nothing!” you well might reply.

It’s like the old monk told the learner, “You should meditate an hour a day.”

“But I don’t have time,” he replied.

“Then you should meditate two hours.”

Yes, it would call for a little bit of re-ordering your life. Why not give it a try? Any amount of time will do.

Just what would “doing nothing” look like for you?

Imagine it a moment…

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Doing Nothing

by David Kundtz time to read: 4 min