“This book is a miracle of mindfulness! In short segments that can be read in less than 5 minutes, Kundtz manages to distill the philosophy of Christian, Buddhist, and other religious traditions in a way that is refreshingly non-sectarian.” (Reviewer on amazon.com) “I originally picked up this book figuring it would have some nice observations about existing in our “busy” world. I was surprised that not only did it have some pithy, and relevant thoughts about our lives, but that they were insightful and thought provoking as well…. I have enjoyed this book so much, that I bought four more for Christmas gifts. One of those incidental purchases that turned into a real find.” (David M. Johnson on amazon.com) “Quiet Mind is such a thought provoking book. It points out issues that, in our ridiculously busy lives, we forget to even think about.” (amazon) “David Kundtz has captured what I didn’t know I was looking for.” (amazon) “This book is not a catechism, an introduction to Buddhist meditation, or a list of mantras. But it might have a similar effect. Kundtz gently encourages the reader to slow down, to notice what is happening inside, to breathe. The result, at least for me, is almost always a noticeable letting go of the day’s tension. His prescription is to try his various simple techniques to look inside oneself and get back in touch with our internal life, and I find myself saying, “Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll try it.” Sounds a bit trite, but it’s difficult to capture the tone and the perspective Kundtz presents. It works.” (amazon) “Kundtz is an innovator in bringing the ancient wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions to modern readers, using language and concepts familiar to the contemporary, and too often pre-occupied, western mind, a mind like mine. Highly recommended.” (amazon) “This book is full of wonderful little “nuggets” of insight and inspiration! I use it all the time in my profession as a resource for opening a discussion. Just love it! Highly recommend.” (amazon) “The quick, two-page bursts of thought are perfect. They really are one-minute retreats.” (amazon)

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Quiet Mind: One Minute Mindfulness

by David Kundtz time to read: 6 min