Coming To: A Biomythography is an autobiography – but rather than a straight-forward narrative, this life story consists of twenty discrete chapters, each in a different literary form. Taken together, they present life as a rich and diverse tapestry rather than a linear journey.

“David’s writing in Coming To is a winged thing that flitters gently in the chest, soars assuredly across the mind’s eye and fishes in the rivers of our varied lives to reveal the essence of humanity. Part collage, part anthology of one – his work is a multi-genre telling of a singular story that speaks to everyone listening without losing its way!” (Elissa Perry, writer, artist)

“With personal stories that soon become universal tales, as well as with poems, plays, letters, and diary entries, David Kundtz has assembled an easily accessible and beautifully written book with its own unique and wonderful style that has all the warmth and charm of a Thornton Wilder classic.” (Allen Klein, author of the Healing Power of Humor)

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Coming To: A Biomythography

by David Kundtz time to read: 4 min