Awakened Mind contains more than a hundred reflections on life, gratitude, creativity, diversity, and spirituality, each with an inspiring quotation and an idea for putting that meditation to use in daily life.

This remarkable collection of insights shows us how living in a state of awareness about the reality that always exists in front of our faces, under our noses, or just below the surface of every moment, is one sure way to live life more fully and joyfully.

“… Every time I open this book, I find exactly what I need to hear. That is my favourite thing about Awakened Mind – exactly what I need to hear/learn/experience within that perfect moment.” (Aleesha Stephenson,

“I have been a fan of David Kundtz for many years. Awakened Mind is his most profound work ever. Read it and be inspired.” (M J Ryan author of Attitudes of Gratitude)

“Delightful treats. One-minute nutrition for your spirit.” (Mary Anne Radmacher, author, artist)

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Awakened Mind

by David Kundtz time to read: 4 min